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p.s.  For 800 years our ancestors have been the spiritual healers & it is held confidentially & privately for every individual.
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  Please kindly note people who charge for Tawizs, & wrong information etc please beware because people who charge for these things it want be effective.  And it is forbidden by Almighty Allah. 

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Syed Ajmer
" Syed Ajmer "
(Syed Ajmer)
Syed Ajmer ,  Ajmer Syed ,  " Ajmer Syed "  ajmer syed,  " syed ajmer,  ( syed ajmer )

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With all Duas & Salams.  I am informing you how in today's modern world people are very unhappy, constantly worrying when there is Almighty Allah Paak to take care of everything.  Today people are suffering from anxiety, depression, not have enough income, bad eyes, enemies, not having children, If you've got children who don't listen; have no respect etc; every husband & wife & family don't have unity or love among themselves.


In attention of Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) Devotees , plz beware of fake websites, who are claming to be a deciple of Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) and also claming nazar o niyaz,   plz beware they call themselves humble caretaker

so plz kindly beware fakes