• A'idah Female Guest, the one who's returning.
  • A'ishah Female Wife of the Prophet (SAW).
  • A'shadieeyah Female Princess, cute, perfect.
  • Aa'idah Female Name of a narrator of hadith.
  • Aaban Male Name of the Angel.
  • Aabidah Female Worshipper.
  • Aabirah Female Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.
  • Aabish Female Daughter of Sa'd who was a queen of Iran (AN).
  • Aadil Male Just, Upright.
  • Aadila Female Just, Honest, Equal, Upright.
  • Aaeedah Female Visiting, Returning, Reward.
  • Aaeesha Female Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
  • Aafiya Male Good Health.
  • Aafreeda Female Created, Produced.
  • Aafreen Female Brave, Acclaim.
  • Aahil Male Prince.
  • Aakifah Female Devoted, Dedicated.
  • Aala Female Bounties.
  • Aalam Male World.
  • Aalee Male Sublime, high.
  • Aaleyah Female Exalted, Highest social standing.
  • Aalia Female Exhalted, Noble.
  • Aalim Male Religious Scholar.
  • Aalimah Female Scholar, Authority.
  • Aaliyah Female Tall, Towering.
  • Aamaal Female Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes.
  • Aamanee Female Good wish.
  • Aamil Male Doer, Work man.
  • Aamilah Female Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.
  • Aaminah Female Secured, Safe.
  • Aamir Male Civilised.
  • Aamira Female Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited.
  • Aamirah Male Inhabitant
  • Aani Fatimah Khatoon Female She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah.
  • Aanisah Female Young lady, Maiden.
  • Aaqib Male Follower.
  • Aaqil Male Intelligent.
  • Aaqilah Female Intelligent.
  • Aara Female Adoring
  • Aarif Male Knowing, aware.
  • Aarifah Female Knowing, Women who recognises Islam.
  • Aariz Male Respectable man.
  • Aashif Male Bold, courageous.
  • Aashir Male Living.
  • Aasia Female Hope.
  • Aasif Male An able minister.
  • Aasim Male Person who keeps away from sins.
  • Aasimah Female Protector, defendant, central.
  • Aatif Male Kind Affectionate.
  • Aatifa Female Affection, Sympathy.
  • Aatikah Female Generous.
  • Aatiqah Female Shoulder (support) old.
  • Aatirah Female Fragrant.
  • Aazim Male Determined.
  • Abaan Male Old Arabic name
  • Abal Female Wild rose
  • Aban Male Old Arabic name
  • Abasah Female Daughter of al-Mahdi.
  • Abbas Male Description of a lion
  • Abbud Male Worshipper
  • Abbudin Male Worshippers
  • Abd Al-Ala Male Slave of the High.
  • Abda Female Worshipper.
  • Abdul Aalee Male Servant of the Most High.
  • Abdul Adl Male Servant of the Just
  • Abdul Afuw Male Slave of the one who pardons.
  • Abdul Ahad Male Servant of the One
  • Abdul Aleem Male Servant of the Omniscient.
  • Abdul Ali Male Slave of the High one.
  • Abdul Alim Male Servant of the Omniscient
  • Abdul Aliyy Male Servant of the Most High
  • Abdul Awwal Male Slave of the First One.
  • Abdul Azeez Male The servant of the most powerful.
  • Abdul Azim Male Servant of the Mighty
  • Abdul Aziz Male Servant of the Powerful (Dear) One
  • Abdul Baari Male Servant of the Creator.
  • Abdul Baasit Male Servant of the Extender and Creator.
  • Abdul Badee Male Slave of the originator.
  • Abdul Badi Male Servant of the Incomparable
  • Abdul Baith Male Servant of the Resurrector
  • Abdul Baqi Male Servant of the Everlasting
  • Abdul Bari Male Servant of the Creator
  • Abdul Barr Male Servant of the Source of All Goodness
  • Abdul Baseer Male Slave of the All-seeing.
  • Abdul Basir Male Servant of the All Seeing
  • Abdul Basit Male Servant of the Extender
  • Abdul Batin Male Slave of the unseen.
  • Abdul Fattah Male Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
  • Abdul Ghafaar Male Servant of the Forgiver
  • Abdul Ghaffar Male Servant of the Forgiver
  • Abdul Ghafoor Male Servant of the Forgiver
  • Abdul Ghafur Male Servant of the Forgiving
  • Abdul Ghani Male Servant of the Self Sufficient
  • Abdul Hadi Male Servant of the Guide
  • Abdul Hafeez Male Slave of the Protector.
  • Abdul Hafiz Male Servant of the Protector
  • Abdul Hakam Male Servant of the Arbitrator
  • Abdul Hakeem Male Servant of the Wise
  • Abdul Hakim Male Servant of the Wise One
  • Abdul Haleem Male Servant of the Mild and Patient
  • Abdul Muhsin Male Slave of the Benefactor.
  • Abdul Muhyee Male Slave of the one who gives life and sustains it.
  • Abdul Muhyi Male Servant of the Giver of Life
  • Abdul Muid Male Servant of the Restorer
  • Abdul Muiz Male Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
  • Abdul Muizz Male Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
  • Abdul Mujeeb Male Servant of the Responder
  • Abdul Mujib Male Servant of the Responder
  • Abdul Mumin Male Servant of the Giver of Faith
  • Abdul Munim Male Slave of the Generous.
  • Abdul Muntaqim Male Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution.
  • Abdul Muqaddim Male Servant of the Expediter
  • Abdul Muqeet Male Slave of the Sustainer.
  • Abdul Muqsit Male Slave of the Just.
  • Abdul Muqtadir Male Servant of the Powerful
  • Abdul Musawwir Male Servant of the Fashioner
  • Abdul Mutaal Male Servant of the Most High
  • Abdul Muti Male Slave of the Giver.
  • Abdul Muzanni Male He was a narrator of Hadith.
  • Abdul Nafi Male Servant of the Benefactor
  • Abdul Naseer Male Slave of the Helper.
  • Abdul Nasir Male Servant of the Helper, Protector
  • Abdul Nasser Male Servant of the Victorious One
  • Abdul Noor Male Slave of the one who is Light.
  • Abdul Nur Male Servant of the Light
  • Abdul Qaadir Male Servant of the Capable
  • Abdul Qadeer Male Slave of the Powerful.
  • Abdul Qadir Male Servant of the Capable
  • Abdul Qahaar Male Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty
  • Abdul Qahhar Male Servant of the Subduer, the Almighty
  • Abdul Qawi Male Servant of the Most Strong
  • Abdul Qayyum Male Servant of the Self Subsisting
  • Abdul Quddus Male Servant of the Most Holy
  • Abdul Qudoos Male Servant of the Most Holy
  • Abdul Raafi Male Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
  • Abdul Rabb Male Slave of the Lord.
  • Abdul Rafi Male Servant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)
  • Abdul Raheem Male Servant of the Most Compassionate
  • Abdul Rahim Male Servant of the Merciful
  • Abdul Rahman Male Servant of the Beneficent
  • Abdul Raqib Male Slave of the Vigilant.
  • Abdul Rashid Male Servant of the Rightly Guided One
  • Abdul Rauf Male Servant of the Compassionate
  • Abdul Razzaq Male Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider
  • Abdul Sabur Male Servant of the Patient
  • Abdul Salam Male Servant of the Peace
  • Abdul Samad Male Servant of the Eternal
  • Abdul Sami Male Servant of the All Hearing
  • Abdul Sattar Male Servant of the Protector
  • Abdul Shahid Male Servant of the Witness
  • Abdul Shakur Male Servant of the Most Thankful
  • Abdul Tawwab Male Servant of the Forgiver
  • Abdul Waali Male Slave of the Governor.
  • Abdul Wadud Male Servant of the Loving
  • Abdul Wahhab Male Servant of the Giver
  • Abdul Wahid Male Servant of the Unique One
  • Abdul Wajid Male Servant of the Finder
  • Abdul Wakil Male Servant of the Trustee
  • Abdul Wali Male Servant of the Governor
  • Abdul Waliy Male Servant of the Protecting
  • Abdul Warith Male Servant of the Supreme Inheritor
  • Abdul Wasi Male Slave of the All Embracing.
  • Abdul Zahir Male Servant of the Manifest
  • Abdul, Abdel, Abd al Male Servant (of Allah)
  • Abdul-Aalee Male Servant of the Most High.
  • Abdul-Adheem Male Servant of the Most Great.
  • Abdul-Aleem Male Servant of the All-Knowing.
  • Abdul-Baaqi Male Servant of the Everlasting.
  • Abdul-Baari Male Servant of the Evolver.
  • Abdul-Baasit Male Servant of the Expander.
  • Abdul-Barr Male Servant of the source of Goodness.
  • Abdul-Dhahir Male Servant of the Manifest.
  • Abdul-Ghaffar Male Servant of the forgiver.
  • Abdul-Ghafur Male Servant of the All-Forgiving.
  • Abdul-Ghani Male Servant of the Self-Sufficient.
  • Abdul-Hadi Male Servant of the Guide.
  • Abdul-Hafeedh Male Servant of the Preserver.
  • Abdul-Hakeem Male Servant of the Wise.
  • Abdul-Haleem Male Servant of the Forbearing One.
  • Abdul-Hameed Male Servant of the Praiseworthy.
  • Abdul-Haqq Male Servant of the Truth.
  • Abdul-Haseeb Male Servant of the Reckoner.
  • Abdul-Jabbar Male Servant of the Compeller.
  • Abdul-Jaleel Male Servant of the Sublime One.
  • Abdul-Kareem Male Servant of the Most Generous.
  • Abdul-Khaliq Male Servant of the Creator.
  • Abdul-Lateef Male Servant of the Subtle One.
  • Abdul-Majeed Male Servant of the Most Glorious.
  • Abdul-Majid Male Servant of the Noble.
  • Abdul-Malik Male Servant of the Sovereign Lord.
  • Abdul-Mu'eid Male Servant of the Restorer.
  • Abdul-Mu'izz Male Servant of the Honourer.
  • Abdul-Mughni Male Servant of the Enricher.
  • Abdul-Mujeeb Male Servant of the Responsive.
  • Abdul-Mumin Male Servant of the Guardian of Faith.
  • Abdul-Muqtadir Male Servant of the Powerful.
  • Abdul-Muta'alee Male Servant of the Most Exalted.
  • Abdul-Nur Male Servant of the Light.
  • Abdul-Qaadir Male Servant of the Able.
  • Abdul-Qahhar Male Servant of the Subduer
  • Baahir  Male Dazzling, Brilliant  
  • Baasim  Male Smiling  
  • Babar  Male Origin: Hindi. Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle; Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities. Highly, powerful and influential, very charsimatic and bold with splendor and positive radiance.  
  • Baber  Male Courageous, Lion.  
  • Badi  Male Marvelous  
  • Badi al Zaman  Male The marvel of time  
  • Badr  Male Full moon  
  • Badr al Din  Male Full moon of the faith  
  • Badri  Male One who took part in the battle of Badr  
  • Baha al Din, Bahiyy al Din  Male Magnificence of the faith  
  • Baha, Baha  Male Beautiful, magnificent  
  • Bahij  Male Cheerful  
  • Bahir  Male Dazzling, brilliant  
  • Bakr  Male Old Arabic name  
  • Bakri  Male One who starts work early  
  • Baligh  Male Eloquent  
  • Bandar  Male Seaport, district capital  
  • Baqir  Male Beloved one, Close to heart.  
  • Barakah  Male Blessing  
  • Barir  Male Faithful  
  • Barkat  Male Growth  
  • Barr  Male Just, Pious.  
  • Barraq  Male Shining.  
  • Basel  Male Brave  
  • Basem  Male Smiling.  
  • Bashaar  Male Bringer of glad tidings  
  • Bashar  Male Bringer of glad tidings.  
  • Basharat  Male Good news.  
  • Bashir  Male Bringer of glad tidings  
  • Bashshar  Male Bringer of many glad tidings  
  • Basil  Male Brave  
  • Basim  Male Smiling, Happy.  
  • Basim, Bassam  Male Smiling  
  • Basir  Male Bringer of glad tidings.  
  • Bassam  Male Smiling.  
  • Batal  Male Champion.  
  • Bayhas  Male Name of the lion  
  • Bazam  Male It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih.  
  • Behzad  Male Honest and caring.  
  • Bilal  Male Satisfies thirst; name of the Prophets Muezzin (one who calls for prayer)  
  • Bishr  Male Joy  
  • Boulos  Male Arabic form of "Paul"  
  • Budail, Budayl  Male Name of a companion of the Prophet  
  • Bulhut  Male A narrator of hadith had this name.  
  • Burayd  Male Cold, Mind.  
  • Burhan  Male Proof  
  • Bushr  Male Joy, happiness  
  • Butrus  Male Arabic form of "Peter" 
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  • Da'wud  Male A Prophet's Name.  
  • Daamin  Male Guarantor, Surety.  
  • Daanish  Male Wisdom, Learning, Science.  
  • Dabbah  Male Latch, door lock.  
  • Dabir  Male Secretary  
  • Daghfal  Male Name of first Islamic geologist.  
  • Dakhil  Male Foreigner, stranger.  
  • Dameer  Male Heart, Conscience.  
  • Damurah  Male Sparkle of light, fire.  
  • Dani  Male Near, close  
  • Danish  Male Intelligent.  
  • Daniyal  Male Intelligent.  
  • Darim  Male Name of a narrator of hadith.  
  • Darwish  Male Dervish  
  • Daud, Dawud  Male Beloved; a Prophets name (David)  
  • Dawid  Male Prince.  
  • Dawlah  Male Riches, happiness.  
  • Dawoud  Male A Prophet's name  
  • Dayyan  Male A mighty Ruler.  
  • Dean  Male Religion.  
  • Deen  Male Religion.  
  • Dhakir  Male One who remembers God frequently  
  • Dhakiy  Male Intelligent, bright  
  • Dhakwan  Male Intelligent  
  • Dhiya  Male Light, splendour.  
  • Dhul Fiqar  Male Name of the Prophets sword  
  • Dilawar  Male Brave, Courageous.  
  • Dildar  Male Charming, beloved.  
  • Dinar  Male Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.  
  • Dirar  Male Old Arabic name  
  • Diya  Male Brightness, light  
  • Diya al Din  Male Brightness of the faith  
  • Diyari  Male A gift, or a present.  
  • Dizhwar  Male Mean, strong.  
  • Duha  Male Fore noon. 

Ehan  Male Full moon.  
Ehsan  Male Powerful.  
El-Amin  Male Trustworthy.  
Emran  Male Progress, Achievement.  
Eshan  Male In God Grace, Worthy.

Faakhir  Male Proud, Excellent  
Faaz  Male Victorius, successful.  
Fadi  Male Redeemer  
Fadil  Male Generous, honorable, superior  
Fadl  Male Favor, surplus  
Fadl Allah  Male Favor of Allah  
Faeq  Male Surpassing, excellent.  
Fahad  Male Lynx, wild cat.  
Fahd  Male Lynx.  
Fahd, Fahad  Male Leopard, lynx  
Faheem  Male Intelligent.  
Fahmi  Male Understanding  
Fahyim  Male Very Clever.  
Faiq  Male Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding.  
Faisal  Male Strong, handsome.  
Faisal, Faysal  Male Decisive  
Faiz  Male Winner  
Faizaan  Male Grace, Favour.  
Faizan  Male Ruler.  
Fajaruddin  Male The First.  
Fakeeh  Male Cheerful.  
Fakhir  Male Proud, excellent  
Fakhr  Male Pride, Something to feel proud about.  
Fakhr al Din  Male Pride of the faith  
Fakhri  Male Honorary, glorious, proud.  
Fakhri, Fakhry  Male Honorary  
Fakih  Male Legal expert; one who recites the Quran  
Falah  Male Success  
Falih  Male Successful  
Faqeeh  Male Jurist, Scholar of religious laws.  
Farafisa  Male Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi.  
Faraj  Male There have been men with this name.  
Faraj, Farraj  Male Relief, freedom from grief  
Farasat  Male Perception, sagacity.  
Faraz  Male Ascent, height.  
Fareed  Male Unique, incomparable.  
Farees  Male Braverer.  
Farhan  Male Happy  
Farid  Male Unique.  
Farid, Fareed  Male Unique, rare  
Fariq, Fareeq  Male Lieutenant General  
Faris  Male Horseman, knight, cavalier  
Farooq  Male Comely, One who distinguishes truth from falsehood.  
Farrukh  Male Happy, Auspicious.  
Faruq  Male One who distinguishes truth from falsehood.  
Faruq, Farooq  Male One who distinguishes truth from falsehood  
Farwah  Male Name of a few of the companions.  
Fasahat  Male Eloquence.  
Faseeh  Male Eloquent (Suggested name FASEEUDDIN).  
Fateen  Male Clever, Smart  
Fateenah  Male Intelligent.  
Fath  Male Victory  
Fathi  Male Victorious one  
Fatih  Male Conqueror  
Fatik  Male Deadly, Lethal.  
Fatin, Fateen  Male Clever, smart  
Fattah  Male One who attains victory.  
Fawad  Male Heart  
Fawwaz  Male Most successful  
Fawzan  Male Victorious  
Fawzi  Male To do with success  
Fayaaz  Male Kind & Generous; Gracious.  
Fayd  Male Abundance.  
Fayek  Male Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding  
Faysal  Male Decisive.  
Fayyad  Male Overflowing, generous  
Fayzan  Male Beneficence.  
Fazal  Male Grace.  
Feroz  Male Shinning.  
Ferran  Male Baker  
Fida  Male Redemption, sacrifice  
Fikri  Male Thought, ideas  
Firas  Male Perspicacity  
Firoz  Male Gift.  
Fouad, Fuad  Male Heart  
Fuad  Male Heart.  
Fudail  Male Excellent in character  
Fujai  Male Name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion.  
Furozh  Male Light. 

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