This is to inform all devotees of Syedna Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A), Where does the Term Chishty comes from?  Though it is known to man kind that the term comes through Syedna Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A) who also based himself & Worshiped in a place called Chist thats where Kwaja Baba was been given & known to be Chishty;  Though the Terms Chishty comes from Syria. 

This Term was been given to Hazrat Abu Ishaque Shami ( R.A)  by Hazrat Khwaja Mumshad Ulvi Deenwari (R.A) from Baghdad Sharif, Though before giving the term Hazrat Abu Ishaque Shami ( R.A)  was been asked by Hazrat KHwaja Mumshad ulvi deenwari (R.A) that what was this humble being called; He replied, My name is Abu Ishaque Shami, So their for he was been inaitiate as Hazrat Abu Ishaque Shami Chishty. 

Hazrat Khwaja Mumshad ulvi Deenwari wanted to initiate Hazrat Abu Ishaque Shami Chishty (R.A) as a disciple.  So Hazrat Khwaja Mumshad Ulve Deenwari (R.A) who was a Great Saint and a Great Teacher who guided Hazrat Abu Ishaq Shami (R.A) to go to Chisht and base himself to worship as Mujahida.

As Hazrat Khwaja Mumshad ulvi deenwari (R.A) from Bagdhad Sharif, Adviced Hazrat Abu Ishaq Shami ( R.A) to go to Chisht, as to his advice he travelled  to chisht and based himself in Chisht and Worshiped.  Who ever enters the spiritual fold till the day of Judgement will be likewise called CHISHTY.  

They also were other Saints based in Chisht & expired there.  There names were  Hazrat Khwaja Ahmed Chishty (R.A.), Hazrat Khwaja Mohd. Chishty (R.A.), Hazrat Khwaja Abu Yousuf Chishty (R.A.), Hazrat Khwaja Qutubddin Modood Chishty (R.A.),

Thats how the disciples subsequently came to be known as Chishties. All the above mentioned saints, spiritual teachers, guides and precur­sors of the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) came to be entitled and called  as Chishty.


Where Does Chishty Term Comes From